Inspire well-being in others

Charly Fontanilla

Posted By Charly Fontanilla || 28-Mar-2018

Choose Well empowers me to keep track of my health goals. I have on several maintenance mediications for my hypertension, high cholesterol and most recently afib or irregular heartbeat. In a period of 3-4 months I focused on changing my unhealthy habits. I focused more on increasing my daily activities and got myself involved in cycling, swimming, tennis and strength training in the gym. My doctor monitored my progress as I started loosing weight. At the end of 4 mos I have accomplished loosing approx 50lbs. To validate such a great accomplishment, 15 of my friends including my wife joined “Tough Mudder” in Las Vegas Nevada. I finished a grueling multiple hills and obstacles for an a 2 hrs and received the most coveted finisher shirt in the end.
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