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Steve Gately

Posted By Steve Gately || 18-Jun-2018

I had a moment in January of 2018 where I realized something had to give. When everyone was out starting New Year’s resolutions, getting gym memberships, diets started , etc, I was at my highest weight of my life. My blood pressure was dangerously high, and cholesterol as well. The hypertension was really causing issues in my day to day, including a visit to the ER to rule out heart attack. Medications helped a bit, but being only 42 I was too "young" for cardio issues. My Cardiologist, (yes I had enough issues to necessitate a cardiologist) keep saying you need to lose weight and stop eating excess sugars. (insult to injury, blood tests showed I had sugar levels at borderline diabetic too) The choose well health incentive came along and it was just right timing and the small push I needed to get on track to better health. I love all things tech, and having the app was a fun reminder/nag of what I needed to work on. The Choose Well app was a gateway app and escalated to me getting additional apps and devices to help along the way. (Fitbit, strava, etc...) I admit my original intentions were to just get the daily points to get my health incentive, but I realized getting healthy was the main goal of the program and for that I’m thankful this came along when it did! New disciplines to work out, track calories/ macro nutrients, all stuff I thought I only health crazed personal trainers do. But now 6 months into this, it’s just part of the daily routine. Since starting in February of 2018, I have lost 41 lbs (goal is 50) and my blood pressure is like a kid again. I'm off the medications and my only issues now seem to be shopping for clothes that fit.
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