Inspire well-being in others

Merrilee Purvis

Posted By Merrilee Purvis || 27-Feb-2018

About 6 months ago, I was informed by my primary care if I don't change things in my life, in regards to my health, I would be facing problems that I did not want to. That day with the help of the Choose Well program I started making changes in my life style. I started eating better, cutting out the sweets and most of my carbs, eating more fruits and veggies and choosing better items at meal times. I started using monj and now zipongo to help me include a variety of menu choices and new things to try out. I have also become more active thru tracking my steps. I walk on my lunch and after work on the treadmill. I have found this gives me more energy through out the day. I am a competitive person and try to out step my friends and co workers that I have on my choose well app. Since I have started with my journey. I have lost 40 lbs and still trying to loose the last 10. I feel better about myself and encourage my co workers to up on the band wagon and start the program for themselves. I have the energy now to go on walks with my grand kids and do things with them that they want to do. I look forward to going home and get on the treadmill, because I know in the long run I am doing for myself not someone else. I know this has got to be a lifestyle change not just a change for a little while. Making good choices makes me a better person.
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