Inspire well-being in others

Paula Grimaud

Posted By Paula Grimaud || 25-Apr-2018

Like all my coworkers, I signed up for the Choose Well program because I want to earn my yearly health incentive. I didn't own a tracking device at the start, wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on one, and wasn't keen to wear something around my wrist constantly. So the first two weeks I estimated my steps, figuring that 5 miles is equivalent to 10K steps (more or less). But curiosity got the better of me - I wanted to know how accurate my estimates were. So I bought a $20 pedometer on Amazon, one that clips onto my waistband. And I got inspired. Now when I get close to the end of my day and see that my pedometer is just shy of a benchmark, I dance around the living room to music I love so I can rack up those extra steps. I find it oddly satisfying when the little stick figure man pops up on the screen to tell me I've walked 15K or 20K steps in a single day. Think I'll keep wearing this pedometer even when I've earned the full incentive.
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