You, our caregivers, have done amazing work in recent weeks to prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. The work is far from over, and we wanted to acknowledge the commitment that you are all making to care for our community.

The objective of our mental health campaigns this year is to promote well-being and resiliency amongst our caregivers during these difficult and uncertain times, as well as remind you of some of the well-being tools and programs available to you wherever you choose to reach out for help.

Cup of Calm Series: Live Now

We are in a challenging and unknown climate right now. It’s ok to express how you feel. Resilience means having the grit to get through tough times, feel confident in yourself and your abilities, bounce back from adversity, and get in control of stress so that you can move forward and flourish. This series will teach caregivers the 7 superpowers of resilience. Every Monday, we will present a topic and a power boost you can practice that week. You can find it in your Virgin Pulse account.

Staying Strong Daily Tips Campaign: Live Now

Resilient people aren’t luckier—they make a practice of doing the things that keep them afloat. This card series uncovers some of the most common habits, actions, and responses of highly resilient people. In addition, it brings attention to our Caregiver Assistance Program Virtual Visit option.

Q1 Choose Well On-Demand: What’s on Your Mind? Live Now

We are excited to introduce a new format for an improved experience. You can access this learning module in your daily cards. Now you don’t have to worry about missing it, as it will remain in your stack of cards until you complete it and remind you throughout the year.

The What’s on Your Mind? learning module will help you identify some of your stress triggers, how they weigh on your mind, coping strategies and free resources available to you. This is an important step in learning how to be resilient, so answer as honestly as you can. The reality is that unexpected things will happen, and you will get tired, stressed, frustrated or sad. The goal is to begin to understand this is normal and empower you with the skills to help you cope. Be sure to click on the (?) icon to learn more as you move through the module. Once you complete the module, click on the Done button to receive your 3,500 points.