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What Keeps You Up at Night?

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed, support from the Caregiver Assistance Program can help put your mind at ease. That's why our Caregiver Assistance Program is there for you at no cost. Check out the free services offered.

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My Guide to Mental Health Resources: It's Ok to Not Be Ok

As our organization strives to create Health for a Better World, we remain committed to our promise: “know me, care for me, ease my way.” This includes caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual health of all our caregivers. It’s our goal to help you feel supported at work and at home with resources to grow and be successful.

This Guide to Mental Health Resources has been created by your colleagues as part of the Choose Well program. It is designed to help you feel empowered with the resources, training materials and support to talk about behavioral health and reduce stigma within your team and loved ones.

This toolkit contains flyers, reflections, activities and articles that can be shared and used in meetings and huddles. We hope that you will find topics that resonate with you as you work through the toolkit at your own pace.

The caregiver well-being team is here to help answer questions you may have about this toolkit and other caregiver well-being topics. Email us at

Warning Signs Campaign:

The goal of this campaign is to engage caregivers with a coordinated campaign focusing on the warning signs of mental health issues. Mental health issues often sneak up on people without them being fully aware. But the warning signs are there, like chewed pen caps and stomach aches. The visual concept dramatizes those warning signs, helping sneaky mental health symptoms rise to the level of awareness and motivating people to take action by reaching out to the Caregiver Assistance Program. Download and print these flyers in your break areas:

Covenant Health



Providence Health and Services-Alaska

Providence Health and Services

St. Joseph Health

St. Joseph Health-Nor Cal Hospital Only


Covenant Health & SJH, Facey, Kadlec, INHS, Pac Med, Providence Health & Services, Swedish, Univ. of Providence

Caregiver Assistance

New for 2019, the Caregiver Assistance Program, part of your Choose Well family of resources, will be provided by Optum EAP. Optum offers a large mental health provider network, and industry-leading digital tools and resources. Free, confidential resources and support are available for you and your family, such as:

  • Counseling for relationship, family and work concerns
  • Child and elder care resources
  • Legal, financial and career consultation
  • Help with sleep issues, substance abuse and more
  • Help finding resources for your daily needs - housing, transportation, home repair, support groups, parenting resources and more!

You choose how you want to engage:

  • New for 2019: Up to 10 free in-person counseling sessions per issue
  • Online tools and resources

How do I access it? 24/7 toll free access

The Caregiver Assistance Program is available to all caregivers and their family members.

Phone: 844-875-5716

Access online resources at (access code: choosewell)

Providence Health & Services-Alaska Region

Caregiver Assistance

New for 2019, Lyra Health will serve as a partner for Alaska caregivers and provide an improved level of support for you and your family’s mental health care needs. Lyra matches you with the best therapists and coaches that can work with your schedule, including in person, live video and self-guided care.

Free, confidential resources and support are available for you and your family, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, such as:

  • Counseling for relationship, family and work concerns
  • Relief from problems like anxiety, depression and trauma
  • Help with sleep issues, substance abuse and more

You choose how you want to engage

  • Video, phone or in-person therapy: Up to 25 sessions annually
  • Video coaching: Six-session programs
  • Self-care apps: Digital lessons and exercises

Call Lyra at 844-311-6223 for assistance finding a counselor near you, or visit Lyra offers online scheduling for therapy visits.

Other online resources are available through Optum for daily needs such as:

  • Child and elder care resources
  • Legal, financial and career consultation
  • Home repair, housing and transportation

You can access Optum’s resources at (use access code choosewell).

SJH-Caregivers at Northern California Hospitals Only

Caregiver Assistance

The Caregiver Assistance Program is a free and confidential resource for all caregivers and their family members. Available 24 hours a day, the Caregiver Assistance Program provides information, resources, guidance and support to help you and your family find greater life balance, manage daily stresses and develop fulfilling relationships.

The program offers work/life services, resources and expertise to help support you throughout your life - at work and beyond:

  • Parenting and child care solutions
  • K-12 educational concerns
  • Search for a college or university
  • Pet care, sports teams and retirement resources
  • Find a dry cleaner, auto mechanic or other resource
  • Adult community programs

You can also speak confidentially with a counselor in your area on any topic:

  • Marital, family and/or work relationships or concerns
  • Grief or loss
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)
  • Stress, depression, anxiety
  • Any other concern


How do I access it? 24/7 toll free access

Website: Click here-Enter your company code: SJH

Phone: 800-999-7222

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